DVSA Theory Test preparation pack. Pass Part 1 for very little outlayDVSA Theory Test preparation pack. Pass Part 1 for very little outlayThere is no need to spend hundreds of pounds (or even more) on the ADI Part 1 test.

You can pass Part 1 for under £50 on training materials. You'll need to pay for your test, but you'd be doing that with most schools anyway. They perhaps 'include' your test fee, but you know that you're really paying for it anyway. Don't you?

We've seen National Driving Schools advertising ADI Part 1 test preparation courses for up to £600.

You do not need to spend that amount of money.

Check the DVSA ADI Part 1 web page and see the links to official training material. The full DVSA pack is very reasonably priced and includes everything you need to prepare for Part 1

Need something extra?

The Focus multimedia discs for PC or Mac are available at bargain rates if you search around.

We've regularly recommended the Theory Test discs and the Hazard Perception discs to our trainees and they've always been very useful.

The discs contain hundreds of Theory Test questions and Hazard Perception clips.

With so much training materials available, you really don't need to spend much of your hard earned cash.

Feel free to Contact Us for help or advice. We don't offer assistance with Part 1 other than support which is completely for free. We'd feel that we'd compromised our integrity if we asked you to pay for something you can do for yourself at very little cost

There's also a wealth of FREE advice and information on our sister site Approved Driving Instructor Training. The information on that site is relevant to Part 1.