Learn to drive with your local Weelz InstructorLearn to drive with your local Weelz InstructorWant to learn to drive or start your driving lessons in Brigg?

Give Weelz a call and we can get you started.

Brigg has some fantastic areas for driving. You have quiet roads to get used the the controls and develop those essential coordination skills, and as soon as you're ready the faster rural roads are just a short drive away.

Your local driving test centre will be Scunthorpe, just a short distance away, so you have everything you need right on the doorstep.

Need to get going a little quicker?

Weelz Intensive Courses can help you get through faster than may think. We can organise a course to suit you, and don't forget that evening a weekend lessons (when available) come at no extra charge.

If you passed a while ago but need a refresher just to brush up, that's fine, we can organise a course just to suit you.

Brigg Driving Instructor

If you want to learn to drive in Brigg give us a call and let's get startedIf you want to learn to drive in Brigg give us a call and let's get startedYour local Weelz instructor for the Brigg area is a DVSA 'A' grade trainer and a qualified Police Class 1 driver who has taught advanced driving to members of the armed forces and the NHS. Relatively few driving instructors are qualified to this level.

On the Weelz Pass Plus course you'll drive the nearby M180 and learn about all the dangers and hazards to watch out for on motorways or dual carriageways. You'll also learn how to handle the car on faster rural roads.

If you're in the Brigg area and you're looking for a new career, consider training to become a Driving Instructor with Weelz. Highly experienced instructor trainers with a proven record of success, all training is on a 'pay as you go' basis with no expensive contracts and no franchise to tie you down like a weight around your neck for years to come.

We don't believe in controlling your business, we want to train you to a fantastic level so that you can run your own successful driving school. Give us a call or drop us an email and we'll get back to you.