Useful links. Plenty of information to book your test or become a better driverUseful links. Plenty of information to book your test or become a better driverThe Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA

Everything you need to know about Driving Tests, Theory Tests, Becoming a Driving Instructor or Driving Licences. Follow the links and get the information you need.

Book your Theory Test

Book your test at your local test centre. All you need to get started on your way to a full Driving Licence or becoming a Driving Instructor

Book your practical Driving Test

You've taken the lessons, you've done the work, now it's time to get through the driving test. It's not hard, you can do it, and it all starts when you book.

The Highway Code

Vital information. Find the answers to all your driving questions in the Highway Code. Each and every one of us should drive to the code. Learn the rules, follow the rules, stay alive and stay safe.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists

The largest of the groups dedicated to Advanced Driving. You can join a local group, get training and you may get the chance to spend time with an observer for free. Use the site search facility for a local group in your area.


The second major group dedicated to Advanced Driving. Lots of information, you're sure to find a group in your area. The ROSPA Advanced test is graded as Gold, Silver or Bronze. A pass at Gold standard in the ROSPA test is widely recognised as the highest level of driving qualification a member of the public can achieve.

Driving Test Tips

A great site with lots of information, a directory of Driving Schools and tutorials to help you pass your Driving Test


Another fantastic site with video tutorials and lots of information to help you through your lessons and your test