Driving Instructor Training with WeelzDriving Instructor Training with WeelzWhen you make the decision to take control of your career and run your own business, you'll soon discover that becoming a Driving Instructor brings a great set of rewards.

Be aware that many schools will offer you free training, but nothing is really free. Look closely, you're likely to be tied into a long and expensive franchise contract that you may just regret.

  • The satisfaction of helping young drivers become safer on the roads
  • Work to your own schedule on the days you choose
  • Work where you want, when you want, how you want
  • You take control of your business
  • You take control of your life
  • No need for expensive franchises, you can stay independent
  • Varied work which you control
  • Want to provide Advanced Courses? You can
  • Want to just work 3 days a week? You can
  • Want to work a full week? You can

Why Train With Weelz?

With a proven track record of success, highly experienced trainers and training costs that are difficult to beat, training with Weelz is an intelligent choice.

Harry Elkan and Dave Hartley have trained countless ADI's all over the country, many of whom now run their own successful Driving Schools.

We have worked for other driving schools who were struggling to get their trainees through, and we've worked for independent trainees who were having problems.

Just read our testimonials for a few comments from real people.

Positive Training Gets Positive Results

Harry and Dave developed a systematic, easy to learn approach to Part 3 that incorporates all the necessary skills into a building block progression to learning driving instruction.

Rather than use the very 'normal' failure based approach to training, during which trainers commonly propagate nonsense about the test being incredibly difficult, we encourage a positive approach in which one skill area leads naturally to the next.

Our trainees found themselves in an environment of success, with a boost in confidence and understanding. Without doubt the positive nature of Weelz training was directly responsible for our results and our success stories.

The Three ADI Tests

Get great quality ADI training to prepare you for Parts 2 and 3Get great quality ADI training to prepare you for Parts 2 and 3There are three stages you need to go through to become a Driving Instructor.

You have to pass all three parts in order and there are limits on the number of attempts you can have in a specific time period.

ADI Part 1

ADI Part 1 is very similar to the learner Theory Test, but you have to complete more multi-choice questions and you have additional Hazard Perception clips to deal with.

You can take Part 1 at your local Theory Test centre and you do not need to spend hundreds of pounds. You can do it yourself for next to nothing.

Once you pass Part 1 it's on to Part 2

ADI Part 2

ADI Part 2 is a practical driving test which includes all the same exercises that learners are expected to perform, plus additional manoeuvrers such as the 'turn in the road'.

As an Instructor you'll be expected to drive to a higher standard and complete the manoeuvres in a variety of traffic conditions.

WARNING: In our wide experience of ADI Part 3 rescue training it has become abundantly clear that a lack of skills and knowledge at the Part 2 stage is the number one reason for failure at Part 3.

You cannot concentrate on teaching the skills required at Part 3 when you're unsure of what you're doing with your own driving. You need to know the exercises inside out and have a very high level of driving skill.

We have had trainees who struggled terribly with ADI Part 3. When we discussed this with them, many said they'd had only 3 or 4 hours driving at the Part 2 stage and they had very little practical knowledge.

Do not be caught out. ADI Part 2 is the foundation for ADI Part 3. Get specialist training, learn it thoroughly and Part 3 becomes remarkably straightforward.

Our recommendation is that you need at least 20 hours good quality training at Part 2. You could save yourself thousands of pounds at the Part 3 stage.

Once you're through Part 2 it's on to Part 3

ADI Part 3

ADI Part 3 is the final test that determines your ability to become a Driving Instructor. Pass this part and you get the coveted Green Card and you can now provide driving lessons and courses.

In this test you'll provide a lesson and the examiner will come along with you.

At present the Part 3 test is undergoing changes which are expected imminently (as of Oct 2017).

When Parliament approve the changes and the date is set for the new format I'll update these pages.