Driving Lessons and Courses with WeelzDriving Lessons and Courses with WeelzLearning to drive is one of the most important steps you can take.

You'll have the freedom to drive as you please, no waiting for lifts or hoping for a phone signal to pay Uber. You'll open up your opportunities to find a better job and you won't have to rely on other people or wait for buses.

You can make a great start by choosing to learn to drive with Weelz.

The skills you learn now will stay with you for life so doesn't it make sense to choose high quality instruction from the start?

If you just want cheap driving lessons I invite you to look elsewhere, but keep in mind that it's very possible that you'll need to look for quality lessons later.

So many people spend hundreds of pounds on cheap lessons only to discover that they've learned very little for their money. Please don't waste your hard earned cash or your time. If you want to learn to drive do it right first time, get it right from the start.

Learner Lessons

Learner LessonsLearner LessonsYour choice of Driving Instructor will affect your progress, your chances of success and the driving skills you'll have for the rest of your life.

If you're happy trusting that to an Instructor or School who have to offer several lessons for huge discounts, then you're welcome to look elsewhere.

Just remember, those instructors offer those deals for only one reason, and it's not hard to work out.

When you decide that you want quality lessons with an instructor who gives your learning needs complete attention so you make rapid progress, give me a call.

No gimmicks, just excellent quality lessons with a Grade A qualified Instructor.

Intensive Courses

Intensive Driving Courses with WeelzIntensive Driving Courses with WeelzGet on the road fast with an Intensive Course.

We can arrange 2 hrs a day, 3 hrs a day, more if it's good for you and you can deal with the extra driving.

Intensive Driving is not for everyone, you need the ability to handle the coordination and practical skills in a short time. That's why we make you what we think is a very unique offer.

See our Intensive Courses page for details

Pass Plus

Pass Plus gives you Advanced skillsPass Plus gives you Advanced skillsWell done on passing your test!

You've worked hard, kept your cool and finally you're free to drive on our busy roads all by yourself.

What next?

Pass Plus is an advanced course that gives you extra skills, a recognised certificate, and it may even get you a discount on your insurance.

Many learners have benefited from Pass Plus, and you can too.

Advanced Driving

Advanced Driving Course with a qualified Police Class 1 driverAdvanced Driving Course with a qualified Police Class 1 driverBeen driving for a while but want to take your skills further?

Have you or a member of your family been involved in a collision or near miss and you want to avoid the misery they cause?

Interested in learning how to recognise common collision 'themes' and how to avoid them?

Want to learn the skills of Advanced Observations, Observation Links, Anticipation and Awareness?

I can offer you a specialist Advanced Course. Training with a qualified Police Class 1 and DVSA 'A' grade trainer.


Refresher Training for those who've been driving a while but need extra helpRefresher Training for those who've been driving a while but need extra helpThe intensity of an Advanced Course is not for everyone.

If you just want to brush up your driving or learn how to reverse park better, give us a call or drop us an email.

Whether you've just passed your test and worried about driving alone, or you've been driving for years (possibly avoiding it?) just get in touch and we can work out a bespoke course for you.

We may be able to work on your difficulties in as little as 1 hour, but we can arrange more if you need it.

I've trained people who just wanted more confidence driving on motorways or dual carriageways, and it's quite normal for people to want some extra help with driving in busy towns and cities.

No problem. Just contact us and we'll do all we can to help.

Driving Instructor Training

Driving Instructor Training, highly experienced trainers, countless satisfied traineesDriving Instructor Training, highly experienced trainers, countless satisfied traineesIf you've been considering becoming a Driving Instructor, you'll find that Dave Hartley and Harry Elkan have a long and proven track record of success.

We've trained instructors all over the UK and sat in on countless Part 2 and Part 3 tests, giving us a wealth of experience you'll find difficult to discover elsewhere.

We've trained many people who had spent £1,000's with some of the larger National Schools, only to be disappointed, confused and bewildered with the entire process.

On our Part 3 Recovery Courses we took them from a state of total confusion to competent and ready for the Part 3 test in just 2 days. Quite an achievement.

What's more, the vast majority of them said that they learned more in just the first 2 or 3 hours than they had in months of training elsewhere.