Give Weelz a call now and let's get started with your driving lessonsGive Weelz a call now and let's get started with your driving lessonsIf you're looking for driving lessons, intensive courses or an instructor in Scunthorpe you've found the right place.

Give me a call or use the Contact and we can get started as soon as you're ready. There's no need to worry if you've never had lessons before or even if you've been with another instructor for a while and feel that you've not learned very much. That's quite common, most of my learner drivers have been in the same position.

The good news about Scunthorpe is that you have everything you need right on your doorstep. It's normal on a driving test for the examiner to take you on busy town roads and fast moving rural roads. You have both right in your area. It's also normal for the examiner to look for a hill start and in Scunthorpe you have lots of roads on which to practice.

With the local DVSA Driving Test Centre on the industrial estate, you have all you need to get through your test and get your full licence. You also have your local theory test centre in the town.

There's a few areas in Scunthorpe that cause some concern for some drivers. I've mentioned the hill starts earlier, but they are really very easy indeed when you know how to do it and you get lots of practice. Actually, you should get lots of practice. A hill start is a very common exercise you may have to do as a qualified driver and you'll probably have to do it alone, so get to know how to do it right and it's very easy.

Think about it, not many junctions are perfectly flat. Many of them are very slightly uphill as you emerge onto a main road so the time you spend practising your hill starts will more than pay off.

Driving Instructor Scunthorpe

Driving Lessons in Scunthorpe with your Weelz InstructorDriving Lessons in Scunthorpe with your Weelz InstructorThere's also the much feared Berkeley circle roundabout. Roundabouts are easy when you get experience with them. I suspect that most of the fear of roundabouts comes from the possibility of having to stop and then the further worry of having to decide when to go. It's all very simple when you get plenty of practice.

Berkeley circle is a very busy roundabout, but thousands of cars get around it every day without problem and you can too. Learner drivers always seem worried about being too hesitant at roundabouts, and it is important to be aware of when to 'go', but it's more important to have the confidence to wait until you know for sure that it's safe to move. Make sure you that know the difference between a normal driving fault and a serious or dangerous fault. Just always make sure that you use the Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre routine in everything you do.

With busy town centre roads, hills for those dreaded hill starts, roundabouts and every other type of driving you can imagine, Scunthorpe is a fantastic place to learn to drive.

Give me a call or drop me an email and we can get started.