You can become a fully qualified Driving Instructor for far less outlay than you may imagine.

So many people start out with a dream of running their own business but end up tied in to expensive contracts and franchises.

It doesn't have to be like that. You can become fully qualified for a lot less than you may think.

  • You can become fully qualified, running your own business, for less than £2,000
  • You can pass Part 1 yourself then pay as you go for your practical training
  • No need for expensive 'pay up front' courses
  • No need for contracts that tie you in
  • No need for franchises that tie you to monthly costs for years

ADI Part 1

We've seen trainees pay out almost £1,000 just to get through Part 1. That's deplorable for a stage of the qualifying process that should cost you no more than about £50 plus test fee.

You are unlikely to need specialist courses or to attend training lectures, despite what many driving schools would have you believe.

With just a few items of training material you can pass Part 1 easily.

If you need help or advice just call us or contact us for free, no obligation. I'd feel less than professional if I charged you a single penny for help with passing Part 1.

  • You can pass Part 1 for very little outlay
  • Many have passed for no more than £50 plus test fees
  • No need for expensive courses

ADI Part 2

You can become an ADI for a much lower outlay than you may have imaginedYou can become an ADI for a much lower outlay than you may have imaginedYou can pass Part 2, with 20 hours of superb quality training, for as little as £600.

That's with many more hours of driver training and experience than so many trainess get when they've paid our thousands of pounds for full ADI courses.

This is the area so many trainees neglect, much to their cost later on in the process.

ADI Part 2 is the foundation for Part 3. Without a solid foundation in Part 2 many trainees struggle needlessly with Part 3.

This is also the area that some of the large National Driving Schools want to skip over. If you've paid a lot of money up front for a full ADI course and they can pursuade you that you don't need much Part 2 training, they can save themselves a fortune.

Add to this the fact that those same schools know that you're likely to struggle at Part 3 and that you may need additional training over and above what you've already paid for, and as you can imagine, they're onto a winner.

  • Pay for Part 2 on a 'pay as you go' basis
  • 20 hours of superb quality training for only £600
  • No need to pay £1,000's up front

ADI Part 3

You can pay as you go for your ADI Part 3 and take 40 hours training for just £1,200.

Many trainees struggle with courses that turn out to be 2 or 3 trainees to a car, far less hours training than they'd hoped for and training quality that leaves much to be desired.

Some schools will offer you free training so long as you sign to their franchise. There are some excellent schools who offer this, but there are also some that are really not so good. Just be aware of those that simply want your cash and aren't prepared to give you much in return.

Thoroughly read and check the details of the franchise agreement. You're bound to be locked in and you'll certainly pay for your training in the long run.

What happens if you don't earn the amount stated as your monthly franchise payment? What if you realise you could have done better by staying independent, how much will it cost to get yourself out of this situation?

These are important questions to ask before you sign up to any 'get it for free' contract.

  • 40 hours of Part 3 training for just £1,200
  • You can pay as you go for Part 3
  • No need for expensive 'pay up front' courses
  • Pay for training as you need it